Kayaking adventure

Experience the mountains from the water.

On this four-day tour we kayak up the lake Gágirjávri to a secluded bay and make camp with our tents. We brought with us food from the area that we cook on gas stoves together. If the energy is enough, we might take a midnight sun trip out on the lake or a tree-kilometer hike up above the tree line.

Don’t forget to bring your eye masks because up here in the summer, above the polar circle, the sun never sets.

Day 1

After you arrive with the plane at Gällivare airport at 16.40 you will be mt by our guide that will take you up to he mountains. This drive takes about 2.5 hours and goes from our lowland through Sweden’s biggest much lands up along mountainsides to our destination Unna tjerusj, the sami village reaindeercamp. At arrival we make camp and then go to take a look at the kayaks. After dinner we will have a technique course and either we continue with some training or relax and talk about the coming days with stunning wievs.

Day 2

After breakfast we pack our kayaks and set off to the west, between mountains. We spend most of the day on the water but our lunch we enjoy at the shore with a beautiful scenery. In the afternoon we arrive at our camp for the night and set up the tents we brought. After dinner there is time for leisure, maybe a hike up to Vákkastjårro, or a trip out on the water again to gaze in the midnight sun from the well of the kayak.

Day 3

There is something magical with eating breakfast outside in the mountains. This day we are going to kayak back towards our starting point but our destination is somewhere else, more exact the mountain lodge Stora Sjöfallet. After arriving to Stora Sjöfallet we check in to our rooms before having dinner toghether. After the three cours meal a hot sauna awaits befor a well deserved bed to sleep in.

Day 4

The last day on out adventure. With our stomach full of breakfast, you have chans to go out on the water at eh mountainlodge and see the waterfalls of Stofa Sjöfallet or take a short walk to Naturrum, a museum in the wild. Before lunch we meet up again and take care of the kayaks and other equipment and then drive back to Gällivare. Our guide drops you off and wishes you a safe travel home.

Price: 18,900Sek per person

Included services

  •         Transfer to and from Gällivare
  •         Kayaks and safety equipment
  •         Housing at Sjöfallet mountain lodge
  •         Tent, sleepingbag and sleepingmat.
  •         All meals (alcoholic drinks are not included)

For boking contact us at info@arcticaltitude.com or call +46739907555